ENCON is the contractor of choice for designing, installing, and maintaining geothermal heat pump systems.

The key to an efficient geothermal system is in its design. The engineers at ENCON are trained and certified by IGSHPA (International Ground Source Heat Pump Association) to design the right system for your needs, preferences, and your geological and site conditions. Our qualifications have earned us the “GeoPro” status with WaterFurnace, the largest and one of the most respected manufacturers of geothermal heat pumps.


An energy-efficient heating and cooling alternative, the geothermal heat pump system takes advantage of the renewable energy that is naturally stored in the earth.

This system works by moving heat from the ground to your home (or from your home to the ground) through a series of flexible pipe "loops" containing water.


Lower Operating Costs

Expected 25-60% annual energy cost savings as compared to other conventional heating and cooling methods.

Consistent Home Temperatures

Longer run times tend to eliminate short blasts of hot air that are often experienced with a typical fossil fuel heating system. The system runs longer, quieter, and is more comfortable.

More Attractive

There are usually no visible components located outside of the home. Numerous condensing units required by a non-geothermal system can look cluttered, creating the need for extensive and creative landscaping to hide them.

Quieter Operation

A properly designed geothermal system is often quieter inside your home than many other types of heating and cooling systems. Plus, the absence of outdoor condensing units also eliminates objectionable noise in your yard.

Longer Life Expectancy

The geothermal transfer system (underground outside of your home) is a lifetime installation. The water source heat pumps can be expected to last longer than many conventional heating and air conditioning systems.

Reduced Maintenance

There are fewer mechanical components that need maintenance compared to many fossil fuel systems.

Environmentally Friendly

There are no burning fuels or emissions coming from your home. The heat pumps also utilize environmentally safe R-401A refrigerant that will not damage the earth’s ozone layer.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Significantly reduces the total carbon emissions due to your consumption of energy.



The installation cost for geothermal energy is typically more than for a conventional high-efficiency type heating and cooling system. However, depending on the current tax rebates, incentives, and financing options, geothermal heating and cooling may a sensible and worthwhile investment. Depend on ENCON's Engineering & Energy Solutions team to help you make the best decision.